Hello, My name is Lorenzo


I love photography as much as I love adventure.  I have worked with some of the most notable magazines and clients globally.  I have now settled in the New England region and have taken my photography to levels that continuously tap my creative senses. 



I work on feature and commercial sets to document both behind the scenes as well as what happens in front of the camera.  Upon reading a script, it is important to make a conscious effort to uncover the true artistic nature of each film, showcasing the writer's & directors intention.  With that my ability to work seamlessly with seasoned & new professionals allow me valuable insights in promoting each film.





If your looking for a headshot or branding photographer, I will take your mission to the next level.  We all want to advance in our professionalism and personal life. The best way is to document what you do and in your environment and show how passionate you are in your profession.  


Branding photography will put you out there where your not just another headshot but a business professional who can deliver with confidence and have fun while you work.  Always show how much you love what you do with a smile.  


For branding purposes, I will photograph you in your office or on location, depending on what your profession is. For standard headshots, I will photograph you in my studio with standard backdrops but with a side that will engage your potential clients to want to work with you! 



Take some time, research a little on branding photos and how they can engage you and your product to the mass public, then give me a call to discuss what I can do for you.  


Thank you,