Lorenzo Vigil | Learn Your Camera 101

Learn Your Camera 101

By Lorenzo Vigil, Professional Photographer


Photography is an enjoyable hobby for some and a chance to be creative. Sometimes we get frustrated when photographs don't look like what we expect. Our minds interpret a photograph to look a certain way, creative if will, sharp and similar in color. If you don't understand your cameras settings to get a true to life photograph, you will always struggle.


I have created a sure way for you to understand your camera setting in the most simplest form. Quick adjustment while looking at your subject.


This is a 3 hour simple workshop to keep you from being inundated with information that just doesn't help, easy and right to the point.

We will take 30 minutes of the workshop, go outdoors and take a few photos and concentrate on: Composition, Focus, Color as all will be revealed on your camera settings.

The last 30 minutes will be photo review. We will pick 2-3 photos from each and put them up for everyone to see and critique.

The rate for this workshop: $75.00, Max 5 attendees for individual attention.

Q&A will be ongoing throughout the workshop.

3 hours and you will understand your camera so much more

Start time is 9:30am till 12:30pm. Please be prompt.

Please register here, I will send you a confirmation and payment options:  Register